Öland water council, a joint force for the waters of Öland.

It is important that we are active and influence our local environment. Working for the nature in our own surrounding can result in a stronger local cohesion and provide more opportunities for recreation. In addition, more plant and animal species can survive in our beautiful nature and the outflow of nutrients to the Baltic Sea can be reduced. This is the basis for the work of the NGO Öland Water Council.

Öland Water Council will work to increase awareness of our fragile groundwater, our unique streams and coastal waters around the island of Öland. In the Council different interests like agriculture, tourism and fishing cooperates, as well as interested individuals and nature preserving organisations.

Öland Water Council is unique. It is a collaboration cross the municipal border, and it is composed of what was once very different interests. We need a forum where water issues are discussed in order to improve the situation of the waters of Öland. It is also important to realise that water is more or less centrally in all Öland’s activities and there is a need to getting involved in order to influence and improve. It is also important to value the knowledge of the local people. The people who know how the surroundings looked like earlier and how they would like to restore them. Local working groups could then be connected to Öland Water Council. The council will be a focal point for the water conservation ideas that can be found on Öland and inspire to more local initiatives.

Öland Water Council wants to attract more committed members. It could be local history associations, village and community associations that have a stream in their local area. It can also be associations of small ports, fishing clubs and individuals that are affected by the deterioration of the water quality and wants to take action.

The Water Council can also be a channel for funding of water activities, however the council has no money for measures. Öland Water Council can also arrange network meetings and field trips to attain opportunities for exchanging of thoughts, ideas and inspiration.

For further information please contact our coordinator, Ms Kristin Bertilius: E-mail